What Is “Ombre”?

“Ombre” refers to haircolor with a shaded or melted look, the gradual lightening of the hair strand. Ombre has strong depth at the root and gradually fades to a lighter color on the ends. Our Ombre is most often done with a similar tone gradually shifting lighter.

Ombre can be subtle or very striking depending on the desired look. An example of a bolder Ombre we have done would be a bright red at the root area fading to a lighter more golden color, or a very deep brunette with layers of a much lighter brown or blonde starting at the midshaft or ends.

There are no rules for what you can and cannot do with Ombre haircolor. We will incorporate vertical highlights within the depth area of the hair, or use a balayage technique to give more pop of light right at the hairline.

The technique we choose is ultimately decided by 1) the subtleness or boldness of desired look. 2) the hairs natural texture and condition. 3) the length and style of the hair we are working with.

Almost everyone can wear some version of Ombre!