What is Balayage?

balayageBalayage is a freehand technique of sweeping or painting highlights onto hair. We use Balayage to add subtle natural highlights or add bold highlights to almost any hair style.

The application is usually minimal at the root and focused on the mid shaft to ends. Our balayage clients do not have an obvious outgrowth when they come back. The best way to describe the end result is lighter and brighter while maintaining depth and dimension.

Balayage is not just for blondes! Brunettes can add that touch of honey or caramel. Redheads can spice up their look with gorgeous golden highlights. Any color is more beautiful when it is multidimensional!

We use Balayage on almost any hair type or texture. Curly hair is exceptionally gorgeous when balayage is used to bring out light and depth from naturally curly hair.

Balayage is not easy. The technique takes a lot of training, practice and passion for hair color. The application is different for every style, hair texture and personality.

One of the reasons we love the balayage technique is the products available now for balayage. When balayage first became popular in the U.S. colorists often used 100 volume peroxide for the technique. This product was strong enough to lighten hair very quickly before the product had a chance to dry out. Unfortunately a lightener this strong also compromised the health and integrity of the hair.

The new lighteners we use have polymers and beeswax base so they don’t dry out, are more flexible for the balayage application AND they leave the hair soft and shiny.