What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments are not necessarily new, but they are becoming a “necessity” to a lot of women! The most popular treatment we do is the Coppola Smoothing Treatment.

A keratin treatment treatment will not make your hair “stick straight”. It will relax curl, add shine and remove up to 95% of unwanted frizz. You will find that after a keratin treatment your hair will be shinier, smoother and in much better condition then before the treatment!

If you let your hair dry naturally it will have a much silkier smooth texture. If you blow dry your hair after a keratin treatment you will find it much easier to do so and your styling time will be reduced in half.

A keratin treatment does not alter the chemical bonds of your hair. It works by infusing natural keratin deep into the cuticle of the hair shaft.

How the keratin treatment is done is really determined by your hair style and texture. You may not necessarily need to do a keratin treatment on all of your hair. A lot of our clients benefit from spot treatments. Around the hairline and bangs are common areas that can benefit from a keratin spot treatment.

If you like the idea of shine and no frizz but are worried about not getting enough volume the keratin treatment can be applied 2-3 inches from the root area. This application will give you maximum volume while you benefit from shine and beautifully conditioned smooth hair!

A keratin smoothing treatment will last approximately 6 months. If you are hesitant about the treatment you can try the “Blowout Express”. This is quick version of the smoothing treatment and the results will last 6-12 weeks.

If you have the Keratin Complex Smoothing treatment you must allow 3 days before you shampoo your hair. If you have the Blowout Express you can shampoo your hair 8 hours later. The best time for a keratin treatment is right after your color service. If it is not possible to do your color and Keratin treatment on the same day we ask that you wait 2 weeks after your keratin treatment before your color service.