Stylist Favorites!

Livia absolutely loves Moroccan Oil medium finish hairspray! She sprays it on blow dried hair section by section before she makes waves with a curling iron. The hair will still be soft and pliable but the curls will last! Livia uses the same technique when using a flat iron, a light mist of Moroccan hairspray on the section before running the flat iron along the length.

Livia also uses Moroccan hairspray instead of gel before slicking hair back into a tight pony or sleek bun. This hairspray will dry faster, will not look stiff and will hold up in humidity better then a gel.
Another favorite of Livia is Natomy Volumizing Mousse. This mousse has such a light feel to it andlaunch gives hair great volume. This great product has Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Geranium, and Vitamin B5 to strengthen, balance, and moisturize while remaining weightless on your hair!

images-6One of Paul’s specialties is a short edgy cut. His favorite product for this look is Label.M Matt Paste. He will use a tiny bit to mold and move the hair and add a little more to give definition. This product gives a great light hold with no weight or residue for any layered style but works especially well for shorter modern styles.

31DKea2oC7L._SY300_Terry and Jimmy are never without Joico Joiwhip Mousse. A great plus is this is an easy product to comb through on wet hair. Joiwhip gives great volume without feeling like there is a drop of product on the hair. It also imparts a great shine on the hair and holds up great in humidity!

Unknown-5Colleen uses Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends on virtually every client. This is an amazing product that actually helps to seal split ends and adds elasticity and shine to the hair. It can be used before styling and after to tame flyaways and add more shine!

Unknown-4Another favorite of Colleen is Label.M Age-Defying Radiance Oil. It works especially well to smooth and nourish curly, frizzy hair. Radiance Oil can be used before styling and after as well. This product can make dry hair feel silky and softness without any heaviness!