Noel Shaw | Stylist

Noel laughs and says that he was a somewhat unusual child. He started cutting, coloring and perming neighborʼs and friendʼs hair when he was around 12 years old. His past included a business degree from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. Noel also spent a good deal of time buying and merchandising womenʼs fashion clothing for major department stores. He has been a food consultant and managed a restaurant and bakery, and also spent a few years as a fine art restoration artist.

Noel then decided to go back to what he loved the most and he became a hair stylist. Noel taught hair cutting nation-wide for many years for a major corporation and eventually owned and operated what has been described as the largest and most popular salon in Chicago, the Ivan Noel Salon. He developed his own line of hair care products, had his own line of make-up, included a cafe within his salon along with a womenʼs accessory shop and also a gift and luxury bath products boutique which he also developed, merchandised and managed.

He has provided services for local and national celebrities along with styling and make-over work on many Oprah Winfrey shows. Cutting is Noel’s forte. His specialty is cutting to the face shape and providing a precision and balanced cut that lasts and falls in with minimum effort. Now Noel is here with us at Delle Amiche Salon as part of our team. Meeting people, cooking and traveling are among his loves.