Reusable Hair Extensions!

Reusable! That’s the buzz word for hair extensions now! we use the Perfectress line of hair extension’s. Perfectress hair extensions are made from the highest quality Remy human hair. These extensions can be colored and heat styled and blend in well with your own hair.

Did you ever notice how many Chicago women have long beautiful hair? They are hair extensions!

The biggest advantage is that Perfectress hair extensions are reusable! Perfectress hair extensions are attached to the hair with a small aluminum connection ring that is rounded and wrapped in Remy human hair that is the same color as the extension. The ring holds the hair tight but has no hard edges so it will not damage your natural hair. Perfectress hair extensions do not require heat or any type of glue for the application.

After the initial application you will come in approximately every six to eight weeks. During this appointment the extensions are not removed. The connection is released and we slide the extension up the hair shaft close to the scalp. With proper maintenance Perfectress hair extensions can last up to one year making them much more affordable then conventional hair extensions.

How many extensions will I need? This depends on the end result you are looking for. A lot of our Chicago clients have long hair but they have thin, fine hair. If your hair already has the desired length a minimal amount of hair extensions will be needed to add volume and thickness. If your goal is to add length we need to add enough that your hair will have a thick natural flow from scalp to ends.

We also use So.Cap hair extensions. This brand is also a very high quality extension using Remy human hair. So.Cap hair extensions are attached with a 100% keratin protein tip. The protein bond is very strong and will last between three and six months, after which the hair will need to be replaced. So.Cap has an enormous range of colors and color combinations. This is a great product for our clients that want to have their hair extensions put in and then forget about them for a while, or for our clients that do not live exclusively in Chicago and cannot come to the salon often. Call us for a consultation with Colleen or Tatum!

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    I think hair extensions are a fantastic opportunity to make our hair look every day amazing. It’s great that we pay once for the hair and after that we have to go every 6-8 weeks to hair dresser to slides them up closer head. I do recommend real hair extension to everyone.

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