Can I have my hair colored if I’m going to be getting a relaxer?

It depends on what kinds of relaxer and your hair texture. Some of the haircolor products available now can actually make your hair feel better, such as a semi-permanent or demi-permanent – don’t just assume you can use these instead of permanent haircolor, if you very gray or have a very bright haircolor or you are doing an allover lighter haircolor you must use permanent. Permanent haircolor has come a long way as far as the condition it leaves your hair in so you may still be able to use it. If you have light highlights and are thinking about getting a chemical service let your colorist know. There are many non-ammonia lighteners available and high-lift tint for highlighting is an option. Your stylist should talk to your colorist before doing any chemical service.

Should I have my haircolor done before or after my haircut?

Color will almost always be scheduled before your haircut. This saves time and an extra shampoo. Your colorist needs to talk to your stylist first about how they plan on cutting your hair. The color is done to enhance the haircut so the shape of the haircut really determines foil placement and technique. It is very important for you colorist to know how your hair is going to be cut and styled so if you have your haircut done at a salon other then where you have your haircolor and you may change your hairstyle, I would definitely have it cut first.

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Which is the best brand of haircolor to use?

Many salons have contracts with one haircolor company. The salon can only use and mention the manufacturer that they have the contract with and in turn they receive the haircolor at a greatly reduced price. We find that, just like cosmetics, almost every brand has something great. I don’t know what I would do without Redken Shades EQ – so shiny it goes on every single process and highlight. Wella permanent haircolor make the most natural looking redheads, and their demi-permanent line – Midway Couture is amazing. Loreal makes the most gentle blonde highlight products and we love Schwarzkopf for non brassy single process blondes. We use other lines also but the point is you really have to use a little of everything to have the highest quality color department.

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What is the best product line for styling?

I have the same answer for this as I did for haircolor. Every line has something great. Styling products are not cheap and almost everyone has a few drawers full of them – before you go out and buy anything else please let your stylist know what you already have. Sometimes you might be using a product the wrong way – too much or too little – and sometimes if a product you already have is too heavy or too light, you might have another product at home that you can mix it with to balance it out. If you are looking to purchase new product please check with your stylist for styling products and your colorist for shampoo and conditioners. We carry our favorites from Pureology, Kusco Murphy, Phytologie, Yuko, Redken, Chi and Terax.

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Should I wash my hair before having my haircolor done?

If your hair is very oily or has a lot of products on it, then you can wash it. Otherwise washing or not washing will not affect how the haircolor will turn out. Sometimes shampooing right before haircolor, especially during hot summer months may make the skin sting slightly if you do a single process. If you have an event you are going to within a day or two of your color and you do a single process do not wash your hair. The less oil you have on your skin, the more you will have a tendency to stain, even if your colorist is very careful about cleaning your hairline. Oil in your skin helps to protect against staining.

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