Easy Long Summer Hair!

rodarte2_AW13_gl_20mar13_GR_592x888Part hair down the middle. Take a small triangular section from either side of part and leave down to frame your face. Take a medium sized section close to your ear on either side and braid loosely towards the back. Where the braids meet secure with a clear elastic band. Take one braid and wrap it up and around itself into a small loose bun. Secure with neutral pins. Rodarte S/S 2013

ultralow-ponytails-rochasThe easiest look yet! Part hair down the middle. Gather hair towards the nape, leaving some loose strands on either side of the part to frame your face. Secure the ponytail low on your nape with an elastic band. Pull the elastic band 2-3 inches downwards to make an ultra low ponytail! Rochas S/S 2013

Berardi-bks-A-RS13-1894Twist Braid! This is much easier to do if you start with wet hair. Smooth hair back and secure low with a clear elastic band. Separate into two sections. Tightly twist an inch at a time, of each section, in a clockwise motion. Cross the right section over the left section and repeat the entire length of your hair. Secure with a clear elastic band. Antonio Berardi S/S 2013

00050big_592x888Part hair down the middle. Smooth hair back keeping the mid section wide and flat. Smooth and secure at the nape with a simple “Bungee Band”! Michael Kors S/S 2013

DSC_0695_592x888Do a middle part for this look. Take a triangular section from either side of part. Keep the section smooth as you pull back and secure with a small clear elastic band and or neutral pins. Emilio Pucci S/S 2013

00180h_592x888Keep your hairline loose and soft for this look. Use a simple wide elastic band and tuck a small section through the band! Chloe S/S 2013