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Men’s Hair Coloring Tips

We’ve noticed that our male color clients have at least doubled in the last few years. Many of our clients feel that competition for jobs is at an all time high and they want to look younger. Some clients are coloring now because they see other men in the the salon having their hair colored and they see great results that look natural.

Biggest mistakes to make when coloring mens hair

Too light – If the color formula is too light the color will look “reddish” even if there is no red in the formula. Most men look better in cooler ashy tones.

Too dark – Never use black! It will never look natural. A pinch of black in the formula will keep the color from going red, but too much and your hair will scream fake.

Allover permanent color – Leaving the corners out will not fool anyone. This is a very dated look and their are much better options out there!

Our favorite techniques

Balayage – If you want a lighter look this is the way to go. In most cases an allover light color will not look natural, will fade with a yellow cast and outgrowth will be obvious. Balayage is a technique where a lightener is strategically painted onto the surface of the hair, determined by the haircut. The look achieved from this is beachy and young!

BalayageBalayage 2

Balayage can also be used to lightly blend gray hair by painting a dark color rather then a lightener.

Lowlighting – This can be done if you have at least 2 1/2 ” of hair to work with. Color is applied to a very thin slice of hair wrapped in foil. A section is skipped and another section is wrapped. This is repeated all over the head.

If you have salt and pepper hair this will give you more pepper and even out white patches that stand out.

Gray Blending – Products have come out in recent years that can be brush applied allover and still give a very natural believable result. The gray hair will pick up a shade lighter, there will be no outgrowth and the color will not turn red as it fades.

Grey BlendingGrey Blending 2

What Is “Ombre”?

“Ombre” refers to haircolor with a shaded or melted look, the gradual lightening of the hair strand. Ombre has strong depth at the root and gradually fades to a lighter color on the ends. Our Ombre is most often done with a similar tone gradually shifting lighter.

Ombre can be subtle or very striking depending on the desired look. An example of a bolder Ombre we have done would be a bright red at the root area fading to a lighter more golden color, or a very deep brunette with layers of a much lighter brown or blonde starting at the midshaft or ends.

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What is Balayage?

balayageBalayage is a freehand technique of sweeping or painting highlights onto hair. We use Balayage to add subtle natural highlights or add bold highlights to almost any hair style.

The application is usually minimal at the root and focused on the mid shaft to ends. Our balayage clients do not have an obvious outgrowth when they come back. The best way to describe the end result is lighter and brighter while maintaining depth and dimension.

Balayage is not just for blondes! Brunettes can add that touch of honey or caramel. Redheads can spice up their look with gorgeous golden highlights. Any color is more beautiful when it is multidimensional!

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