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Our Favorite Things! Split Ends Repair! – Colleen

All of my clients know I’m a big fan of keratin treatments! I do a lot of spot treatments and I know each line well.


Brazilian Blowout has come out with a great product for repairing split ends that I am loving! This is a treatment that can be done with your styling or haircut appointment. I apply a protein solution to the last 2 to 3 inches of your hair, blow-dry and flat-iron the ends only.


This treatment fills in and binds the broken hair fibers together, mending the split ends and helping to prevent future damage. I’m finding that my current keratin clients love it because it refreshes the ends without doing a whole head of keratin.


It’s a great tester for the client that is thinking about getting a keratin treatment and it is a fantastic treatment for highlighted hair or for someone with heat damaged ends. I have been adding the treatment to more and more clients every day, especially now that Chicago winter is upon us! Everyone is loving it and the best part is it adds only $35.00 to your haircut! LOVE!

Men’s Hair Coloring Tips

We’ve noticed that our male color clients have at least doubled in the last few years. Many of our clients feel that competition for jobs is at an all time high and they want to look younger. Some clients are coloring now because they see other men in the the salon having their hair colored and they see great results that look natural.

Biggest mistakes to make when coloring mens hair

Too light – If the color formula is too light the color will look “reddish” even if there is no red in the formula. Most men look better in cooler ashy tones.

Too dark – Never use black! It will never look natural. A pinch of black in the formula will keep the color from going red, but too much and your hair will scream fake.

Allover permanent color – Leaving the corners out will not fool anyone. This is a very dated look and their are much better options out there!

Our favorite techniques

Balayage – If you want a lighter look this is the way to go. In most cases an allover light color will not look natural, will fade with a yellow cast and outgrowth will be obvious. Balayage is a technique where a lightener is strategically painted onto the surface of the hair, determined by the haircut. The look achieved from this is beachy and young!

BalayageBalayage 2

Balayage can also be used to lightly blend gray hair by painting a dark color rather then a lightener.

Lowlighting – This can be done if you have at least 2 1/2 ” of hair to work with. Color is applied to a very thin slice of hair wrapped in foil. A section is skipped and another section is wrapped. This is repeated all over the head.

If you have salt and pepper hair this will give you more pepper and even out white patches that stand out.

Gray Blending – Products have come out in recent years that can be brush applied allover and still give a very natural believable result. The gray hair will pick up a shade lighter, there will be no outgrowth and the color will not turn red as it fades.

Grey BlendingGrey Blending 2

Stylist Favorites!

Livia absolutely loves Moroccan Oil medium finish hairspray! She sprays it on blow dried hair section by section before she makes waves with a curling iron. The hair will still be soft and pliable but the curls will last! Livia uses the same technique when using a flat iron, a light mist of Moroccan hairspray on the section before running the flat iron along the length.

Livia also uses Moroccan hairspray instead of gel before slicking hair back into a tight pony or sleek bun. This hairspray will dry faster, will not look stiff and will hold up in humidity better then a gel.
Another favorite of Livia is Natomy Volumizing Mousse. This mousse has such a light feel to it andlaunch gives hair great volume. This great product has Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Geranium, and Vitamin B5 to strengthen, balance, and moisturize while remaining weightless on your hair!

images-6One of Paul’s specialties is a short edgy cut. His favorite product for this look is Label.M Matt Paste. He will use a tiny bit to mold and move the hair and add a little more to give definition. This product gives a great light hold with no weight or residue for any layered style but works especially well for shorter modern styles.

31DKea2oC7L._SY300_Terry and Jimmy are never without Joico Joiwhip Mousse. A great plus is this is an easy product to comb through on wet hair. Joiwhip gives great volume without feeling like there is a drop of product on the hair. It also imparts a great shine on the hair and holds up great in humidity!

Unknown-5Colleen uses Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends on virtually every client. This is an amazing product that actually helps to seal split ends and adds elasticity and shine to the hair. It can be used before styling and after to tame flyaways and add more shine!

Unknown-4Another favorite of Colleen is Label.M Age-Defying Radiance Oil. It works especially well to smooth and nourish curly, frizzy hair. Radiance Oil can be used before styling and after as well. This product can make dry hair feel silky and softness without any heaviness!

Tatum Drewes – Colorist And Educator

299284_10150376679104289_4114541_nAs a color educator as well as a colorist I have the opportunity to bring extensive knowledge and ideas back to the salon, and I love working behind the chair with the newest techniques and products!

I became a colorist at a young age. My first intern experience was working under a Schwarzkopf educator. He influenced my life so strongly and in such a positive way that I wanted to be able to do that for others, that’s when the passion for education came to me.

Working as a Schwarzkopf educator, I get to learn the “latest” techniques and/or trends. “Essential Looks” is the most popular advanced class that I bring into the salon. It is a favorite as I review all of the latest runway looks and I teach colorists how to make the “runway” look “salon friendly” so that it is trendy yet wearable and beautiful! Every week I get to walk into a salon and teach something new and inspiring!

I have traveled the states and internationally, training and working with some of the best in our industry. I have had the privilege to work with celebrity artists, top international artists and award wining colorists.

Another great aspect of working as an educator is the great opportunity to do color for hair shows and runway shows. This is a completely different experience than working behind the chair. When working on a model for a show there is limited product available and time is of the essence! This is where fast thinking about technique and color theory come in!

I love working on my clients in the salon and being an educator gives me the opportunity to always have the newest technology product wise, and to consistently deliver innovative and beautiful results to my salon clients!

Easy Long Summer Hair!

rodarte2_AW13_gl_20mar13_GR_592x888Part hair down the middle. Take a small triangular section from either side of part and leave down to frame your face. Take a medium sized section close to your ear on either side and braid loosely towards the back. Where the braids meet secure with a clear elastic band. Take one braid and wrap it up and around itself into a small loose bun. Secure with neutral pins. Rodarte S/S 2013

ultralow-ponytails-rochasThe easiest look yet! Part hair down the middle. Gather hair towards the nape, leaving some loose strands on either side of the part to frame your face. Secure the ponytail low on your nape with an elastic band. Pull the elastic band 2-3 inches downwards to make an ultra low ponytail! Rochas S/S 2013

Berardi-bks-A-RS13-1894Twist Braid! This is much easier to do if you start with wet hair. Smooth hair back and secure low with a clear elastic band. Separate into two sections. Tightly twist an inch at a time, of each section, in a clockwise motion. Cross the right section over the left section and repeat the entire length of your hair. Secure with a clear elastic band. Antonio Berardi S/S 2013

00050big_592x888Part hair down the middle. Smooth hair back keeping the mid section wide and flat. Smooth and secure at the nape with a simple “Bungee Band”! Michael Kors S/S 2013

DSC_0695_592x888Do a middle part for this look. Take a triangular section from either side of part. Keep the section smooth as you pull back and secure with a small clear elastic band and or neutral pins. Emilio Pucci S/S 2013

00180h_592x888Keep your hairline loose and soft for this look. Use a simple wide elastic band and tuck a small section through the band! Chloe S/S 2013


ponytailsNow that summer in Chicago is finally here we are seeing ponytails everywhere! A sleek ponytail can be sophisticated enough for work or an evening event.

For a sleek look use a flat iron to smooth the ends of your hair. Take your time to gather your hair upward using a boar bristle brush. A boar bristle brush will give you a smoother finish then a brush with nylon or plastic bristles. Once the hair is gathered and smooth secure with an elastic.

If you prefer waves use a large barrel curling iron from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. Be careful not to brush through the curls when smoothing and gathering the hair up!

For a more polished look pull a thin strand of hair from the base of the ponytail. Wrap the hair around the elastic and carefully tuck the last two inches into the elastic. If your hair is thick you can take a wider section from the base of the pony, braid the hair, then tuck into the elastic. This is a simple yet beautiful look for any occasion!

Reusable Hair Extensions!

Reusable! That’s the buzz word for hair extensions now! we use the Perfectress line of hair extension’s. Perfectress hair extensions are made from the highest quality Remy human hair. These extensions can be colored and heat styled and blend in well with your own hair.

Did you ever notice how many Chicago women have long beautiful hair? They are hair extensions!

The biggest advantage is that Perfectress hair extensions are reusable! Perfectress hair extensions are attached to the hair with a small aluminum connection ring that is rounded and wrapped in Remy human hair that is the same color as the extension. The ring holds the hair tight but has no hard edges so it will not damage your natural hair. Perfectress hair extensions do not require heat or any type of glue for the application.

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What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments are not necessarily new, but they are becoming a “necessity” to a lot of women! The most popular treatment we do is the Coppola Smoothing Treatment.

A keratin treatment treatment will not make your hair “stick straight”. It will relax curl, add shine and remove up to 95% of unwanted frizz. You will find that after a keratin treatment your hair will be shinier, smoother and in much better condition then before the treatment!

If you let your hair dry naturally it will have a much silkier smooth texture. If you blow dry your hair after a keratin treatment you will find it much easier to do so and your styling time will be reduced in half.

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What Is “Ombre”?

“Ombre” refers to haircolor with a shaded or melted look, the gradual lightening of the hair strand. Ombre has strong depth at the root and gradually fades to a lighter color on the ends. Our Ombre is most often done with a similar tone gradually shifting lighter.

Ombre can be subtle or very striking depending on the desired look. An example of a bolder Ombre we have done would be a bright red at the root area fading to a lighter more golden color, or a very deep brunette with layers of a much lighter brown or blonde starting at the midshaft or ends.

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